Darth Maul: The Cast

Who and what went into making Darth Maul
in The Phantom Menace.

Ray Park - The Actor The Actor

Ray Park

In an interview, Ray Park said the following about Maul: “Darth Maul is more intelligent. ... [he] is hard. He’s just hard from the minute. He’s cocky - he knows he’s good.

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The Voice: Peter Serafinowicz The Voice of Darth Maul

Peter Serafinowicz

In coming up with the voice of Darth Maul, Serafinowicz said: “I was thinking of the legacy of the Star Wars films and these English baddies.

The Creator: Iain McCaig The Creator

Iain McCaig

In designing the tattoo patterns for Darth Maul, McCaig stated: “If you were to strip the flesh off your face right now ... the muscles would form a Darth Maul-ish pattern.”


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