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The Expanded Universe of Star Wars has been a bit more charitable toward Darth Maul. He has been the subject of a novel (Shadow Hunter), an e-book (Saboteur), a 4 part comic series as well as appearances in numerous other literature and documentary material. However, Maul's character remains as enigmatic as ever.

More information on each of these items will be coming soon.



(In Order of Publication)



  • Episode One: The Phantom Menace (4 part series)
  • Darth Maul (4 part series)
  • Star Wars Tales: Vader vs. Maul
  • Jedi Quest (Comic)
  • Jedi Council: Acts of War (4 part series)

RPG: Roleplaying Games/Information:

Other Games:

  • The Phantom Menace Card Game
  • Clash of the Lightsabers Card Game
  • Epic Duels Card Game
  • Star Wars Stratego


Documentary and other non-fiction sources of information about Darth Maul.



  • Star Wars Kids April/May 1999 Issue -
    Star Wars Insider: Issue 42Face to Face with Darth Maul, pgs. 12-14.
  • SW Insider Issue 42 -
    Evil has a New Name - Ray Park Interview (includes DM stuff), pgs. 54-59.
  • Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Official Souvenir Magazine
  • Star Wars Episode 1 Villains Poster Magazine
  • Star Wars Galaxy Collector Issue #6 -
    At Long Last, TOYS!, pgs. 14-17.
  • Makeup Artist Magazine Issue #19 -
    Paul Engelen Interview, pgs. 28-32.
  • SW Insider Issue 54:
    Padawan Adventures - Jude Watson Interview, pg. 59.
  • Star Wars Kids Spring 2000 Issue -
    The Art of Fighting, pgs. 6-8
    How to Draw Darth Maul, pgs. 22-23
    Take a Private Tour of Darth Maul's Infiltrator, pgs. 38-39.
  • Star Wars Jedi Journal (Official UK Fan Club Publication) #2.2 Summer 2001.
    Ray Park: Tales from the Park Side.
  • SW Insider Issue 62
    Fight Saber: Jedi Lightsaber Combat, pgs. 28-37.
  • SW Insider Issue 70 -
    Ray Park: Behind the Face of Darth Maul, pgs. 12-17.

RPG: Star Wars Gamer:

  • Understanding the Jedi Code (Issue 1, pgs. 40-43)
  • Duel of the Fates (Issue 1, pgs. 44-47)
  • The Sith Compendium (Issue 5, pgs. 60-66)
  • All's Fair in Life and Stratego (Issue 10, pgs. 54-57)


Other Expanded Universe Sources:

  • Star Wars Episode I: Insider's Guide
  • website (Has quite a bit of EU material available)

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