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Darth Maul by Marie White

Darth Maul exists in the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans all over the world... perhaps even in the souls of some. Countless stories have been written about his exploits and numerous images appear all over the net. Other fans find themselves drawn towards impersonating Maul in costume, such as our own ScottMaul. Darth Maul's image adorns everything imaginable and is only limited by the fans creativity.


The character of Darth Maul appeared in The Phantom Menace for all of fifteen minutes. This was not long enough for his fans. Dissatified with the lack of depth in the character, not to mention his demise, the fans took over and created countless incarnations of Maul. In these stories his character is portrayed anywhere from soft and romantic to a brutal, emotionless killer.

The original Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade has the largest collection of Darth Maul fan-fic, but there are stories scattered all over the net. For a taste of what is available, visit our Fan-Fiction Section. Darth Maul also appears in numerous 'Zines, fan-published collections of original stories, often illustrated.

Additional and more specific information about some of the universes created in fan-fic for Darth Maul is coming soon.


Some fans enjoy expressing themselves artistically by creating drawings or paintings of their favorite Sith. The styles are as varied as the styles of fan-fiction. We have a large collection of Darth Maul Fan Art here on DMEB2 - but there are other sites which host many images of Maul including the Original DMEB and the major Star Wars sites.


ScottMaul as Darth MaulCostuming isn't just for Halloween! Many fans enjoy creating their own Darth Maul costume and wearing them not only on October 31st or movie premiers, but also for special events like Celebration II or other Sci-Fi conventions. Many of the costumers belong to the 501st Legion and enjoy the community of fellow costumers and doing charity work for children.

The DMEB-2 has its own "Official Darth Maul" - ScottMaul. He has his own feature section which includes an interview he participated in last year. Many of us had the pleasure of finally meeting him at Celebration II and look forward to seeing him in his Darth Maul costume at DragonCon 2002.


The fan's expressions of their interest, even devotion, to this movie character are as varied as the fans themselves.

Some fans, such as the Web-Mistresses here at DMEB-2 enjoy creating and maintaining web-sites devoted to the Sith Lord. Though the number of sites has decreased dramatically since TPM was released in May 1999, there are still a few sites out there that contain Darth Maul information. See our Links Page for specific sites.

Most Darth Maul fans have collected a number of items... be it toys, figures, books, or one of a kind memorabilia. There certainly is no shortage of merchandise with Darth Maul's visage on it. We'd love to see some pictures of these collections!

This is just the start of how the fans of Darth Maul have expressed
themselves since the character was introduced eight years ago.


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