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Erik Barclay
"Darth Maul Portrait" by Erik Barclay

Darth Maul Portrait
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Erik Barclay. Yes, Erik is the guy who created the wonderful Maulvels Comics.  We asked Erik why he draws pictures of a small-time Sith, a disposable warrior hired to give credence to a political thug.  In his own words...

“Why I do this art?... mostly out of boredom and frustration.  Sometimes it can be very therapeutic.  I was pretty ticked off to see Maul pi****d away in the first flick with out even developing a character worth spit ... all he did was kill Qui-Gon. A battle droid could’ve done that.  Granted it could look nearly as cool.”

But not as interesting, And if something or someone else had killed Qui-Gon, we suspect we would not be here.

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"Fate of the Jedi:Episode II" First Cover by Erik Barclay

This was the first cover for the Episode II continuation of the Maulvels Comic Series.

Fate of the Jedi - First Cover
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"Fate of the Jedi: Episode II" Revised Cover by Erik Barclay "Maul Takes a Swing" by Erik Barclay
Fate of the Jedi
(Revised Cover)

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Maul Takes a Swing
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Cover of Prologue to the "Fate of the Jedi" Comic Series - better known as "Maulvels" by artist Erik Barclay.

It is an AU (Alternate Universe) story in which Maul heals himself after Obi-Wan's presumabely deadly attack on the Sith Lord. The DMEB-2 is proud to host the 4-comic series. We are looking forward to a continuation of the story... and seeing what happens to our favourite Sith Lord.

"Fate of the Jedi: Prologue" by Erik Barclay
Fate of the Jedi: Prologue Cover
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