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Saturday DMEB-2 Dinner

DMEB-2 Dinner BadgeThe DMEB-2 Dinner was held at 7 pm at the TGI Friday's at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. In all about 30 people attended, literally from all over the world! It was fantastic to see and meet so many members of our community all in one place - especially those from the original DMEB!

Those that attended the dinner received a special DMEB-2 badge like the image to the left. Our way of saying "Thank You" for contributing to our community. A few special members, who couldn't attend Celebration, will soon receive a badge as well.

MaryCheetah and Belle held our places at TGI Friday's, starting at about 4 pm, as we weren't sure how many people would actually attend the dinner - even up to the last minute. DarkLady and MaulMaus had to almost literally drag ScottMaul from the convention center, not that we minded of course! ;-)

Confetti Maul - As we said... the drinks were flowing...

By 6:45 at least half of the guests had arrived and the staff at TGI Friday's seated us - though we did decorate the tables with party favors and special DMEB2 goodies. Soon the drinks were flowing and food was served and more drinks were flowing....

At the end of the evening we held a raffle for the "Maul Bag" full of Maulchandise donated by several members of the DMEB-2 and the FL 501st! Belle, who had also just found her lost travellers checks, won the prize!! Someone else, who shall remain nameless, won the top prize of a date with ScottMaul.... stay tuned to see how that turns out!

DMEB-2 Group Photo

DMEB-2 Dinner Group Photo:

Top Row: Killeer, ScottMaul, MaulMaus, DarkLady
Bottom Row: Belle Bayard, Darth Cleo, Savage, MaryCheetah

After the dinner, ScottMaul graciously posed for pictures with all of us! What can we say... he's a ham! Most of the pictures can be posted to this site... ;-D But, perhaps not all.

Embarassed Maul!

Embarrassed Maul! (68.5 Kb)

After the pictures were finished, most of the party split off, leaving ScottMaul, MaryCheetah, Belle, Savage, MaulMaus, Killeer and Andy Fett to try and find the radio program that was supposed to be broadcasting from the adjoining Marriott Hotel.

Amazingly, we did find the room and found the team more than happy to see us - especially ScottMaul and AndyFett. They were amazed at the costumes and aparantly so were the listeners. The hit count for the site went up considerably after they started interviewing the two gentlemen. After a while, they managed to get MaryCheetah on the air, who plugged our site (DMEB-2! - Thanks Mary!) It was a blast to witness the whole thing.

ScottMaul and MaryCheetah on

Afterwards, the entertainment wasn't over... ScottMaul managed to play to the video-cameras (Did we mention he's a ham?) - doing various Maul-improvisations such as "Billy-Bob Maul." Hopefully we can provide some of that on our site soon.

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