DMEB2 - Celebration 2
Lord ScottMaul accepting an audience at the Hyatt

Lord ScottMaul at the Hyatt (63.1 Kb)

Most members of the DMEB-2 arrived Thursday afternoon and several of us planned to meet for the first time that evening for dinner and drinks. Belle and MaulMaus met up with the Florida 501st boys at the Hyatt (DarkLady wasn't found until later that evening!). They were easy to spot... the stormtroopers in the lobby - having way too much fun! There was a Boy Scout meeting at the Hyatt at that time as well and the troopers were asked to drop in to surprise the scouts and for pictures. They happily obliged!

Afterwards Belle and MaulMaus were escorted to Houlihan's for dinner (after much nagging ... erm ... prodding!). The "Boys" were having a blast trooping around, answering peoples questions ... accepting drinks from strangers! We're still not sure if Houlihan's will ever allow Stormtroopers into their establishment ever again!

Trooper Patrol in Indy!

Ben, Clutch and ScottMaul
Trooping it up in Indy!
(48.0 Kb)

After meeting up with DarkLady and the "Boys" again, we grabbed a couple drinks at Champ's inside the Hyatt. The infamous "Popcorn Incident" originated with Clutch and was finished by MaulMaus! The next morning, ScottMaul wondered why he had popcorn in his bed! ;-D We'll never tell!

Thursday Pictures!

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