Dragon*Con 2003

These are some of DarkSiderSteve's favorite pictures from a variety of locations and events. For more information and pictures on DarkSiderSteve and his Maul costume, you visit his website at .

DSS Closeup DSS Snarl Is it the Real Thing?


(Full-sized 40.1 Kb)

The Snarl!

(Full-sized 40.0 Kb)

Is it Pepsi or is it
the Real Thing?

(Full-sized 37.3 Kb)

Bowing Maul Oh Yeah? From Behind

Bowing Maul!

(Full-sized 39.2 Kb)

Oh Yeah?

(Full-sized 30.6 Kb)

Back View

(Full-sized 31.2 Kb)

DSS Kick DarkSiderSteve DSS and Anakin

Take That!

(Full-sized 31.0 Kb)


(Full-sized 66.6 Kb)

Anakin vs. Maul

(Full-Sized 46.2 Kb)

Kata Maul Mean Maul The Stare

Kata Maul

(Full-sized 55.1 Kb)

Mean Maul!

(Full-sized 61.5 Kb)

The Stare!

(Full-sized 46.3 Kb)

DSS and Vader DSS and the AZ 501st AZ 501st Dune Sea Garrison

Sith Lords!
DSS and SL-0733

(Full-Sized 33.3 Kb)

DSS and Troopers
TK-5209, DSS and TD-0013

(Full-Sized 56.1 Kb)

Dune Sea Garrison
TK-8971, SL-0704,
DSS and TB-8525

(Full-Sized 69.5 Kb)

DSS Unleashed The Pose

One Maulie

(Full-Sized 23.2 Kb)

DSS Unleashed!

(Full-Sized 33.6 Kb)

The Pose

(Full-sized 34.9 Kb)

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