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Indelible Impressions of SWC2

By Dark Lady


- Laughing hysterically at 'The Star Wars Trilogy In 30 Minutes', presented by the California Academy of Dramatic Arts. A brilliant production. The same actor played Darth Vader, and ChewBacca, the props were minimal and extremely effective, the sound effects were done by just one person, the theatre was packed, and the atmosphere was electric. And it was so funny.

- Walking through Nordstrom's department store with MaulMaus and hearing a pianist play pleasant tunes for a warm afternoon. When asked why he did not play Star Wars tunes, (considering the event which was taking place just down the road) he obliged with gusto, and we exited the store to Vader's Fanfare.

- Looking at the biggest diorama of Mos Eisley ever, and finding a little naked Darth Maul figure attacking a fully clothed Jedi Knight. Delightful!

Darth Maul and DarkLady- Seeing a full size statue of Maul, wondering whether it was like Mary Cheetah's, wondering what the husband would think if we bought it, and wishing we had one.

- Trying to buy a cardboard standup of Maul for $25, and ship it over to the UK. They had Obi-wan, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, and the whole Jedi Council, but no Maul instore! Maul was on order, but alas, no shipping.

- Trying to count the bricks in the Lego head of Maul. And giving up very quickly.

- Thinking on Friday, that the queues were so long we would never get into the Convention Centre. But we did, and quite quickly, and the weather was gorgeous.

- Admiring Mary Cheetah for her quick witted answer when asked by a television interviewer, 'Why was she here?'. (To show her appreciation of a very under-valued character.)

- Being very thrilled to have our t-shirts recognised by a fan. (Thank you Victoria!)

- Getting Jan Duursema's autograph on 'her' comic, and on a bookmark. We know she has drawn other comics, other characters, and that other people worked on 'the' comic, but as far as we are concerned, Jan drew 'our' Maul. She also admitted to having a 'fondness' for him. Well, so do we, and that is one way of putting it.

- Getting Troy Denning's autograph on a first edition copy of 'Star By Star'. An excellent series of books, this Yuuzhan Vong series. Very dark. Maul would have been at home battling these aliens.

- Getting Matt Busch' autograph on a picture postcard of Maul on his speeder. Being a little sad that there was so little Darth Maul art for sale, but it had all been bought up by LucasFilm. Perhpas they are as keen on Maul as we are.

- Being very envious of Belle and Mary Cheetah who went to the Star Wars party on the Sunday night - but knowing that there could not have been two more glamorous and eloquent representatives of

- Thinking 'how silly' of LucasArts to run out of those cute Darth Maul pewter figures. How typical to underestimate demand for Maul.

- Thinking 'how lucky' to find the same figure at a tiny little store buried in the maze of stalls.

- Walking down a pleasant boulevard in Indianapolis, on a warm spring evening, on the arm of a Sith Lord. (Wow! That was the best ever, Scott!)

- Discharging Red's commission.

- Being so very grateful to be given a superb Maul figure to put on my computer desk. (Thank you BB)

- Being just so delighted at the gift of very Maulish black candlesticks and red candles. (Thank you MC)

- Meeting the legendary Darth Cleo, the head (Web) mistess, at long last. If she knew the effect she and her site have had on my life....

ScottMaul and DarkLady- Aquiring a taste for white plastic armour.

- Looking at the wonderful authentic looking costumes, and wishing that I had made one.

- Vowing to make a costume for Celebration 3. There are some wonderful Sith witch costumes in The Art Of Attack Of The Clones.

- Being astounded at the price of $800 for an autographed poster for The Phantom Menace - but the owner allowed me to photograph it, seeing as it was totally beyond my means.

- And when I got home, finding that the USA CD of the music for Attack Of The Clones will play in my PC, whereas the UK version is encrypted, and will not. (Shame on you, Sony)

- And last, but most definitely not least, meeting my partner in crime, MaulMaus.


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