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The Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade 2 is Proud to Announce

The Official Darth Maul of the DMEB-2

ScottMaul as Darth Maul

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It is now “Official.” The Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade 2 has its own “Darth Maul” - ScottMaul.

The choice was hard, the contest grueling, but we managed to find the one man who would (and could!) proudly wear the Combat Uniform for us - and look wonderfully Sithly in it!


Well ladies! (and those of you who aren’t) we now have an official mascot. Except, of course, being a Sith Lord, perhaps we are really his mascots. Something to consider next time you visit the boards and make those risque comments... write those stories... draw those pictures... Would he ever have revenge in mind?

ScottMaul gives us a fascinating insight into the commitment required to become this character, how to create the likeness from information on the web, and what available from ‘official’ sources.

All this to honour a movie character perhaps meant to be ‘throwaway,’ but who has captured the imaginations of many.


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Many Thanks to our very own Killeer for finding ScottMaul - even though she had no idea at the time how a couple little pictures at Dragon*Con 2001 could cause such a stir in the Force! Also thanks to Darth Cynthia for pointing ScottMaul over here to DMEB-2.

Without you two, this would not have been possible! Legions of Darth Maul fans thank you!


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