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28 February 2002:

Exar Kun Information on starwars.comStar Wars site EU Character Updates:

The Official Site has updated their databases for the "Bad Guys." Included in the updates is a new page for Exar Kun - one of the early Sith Lords - and the first to use the double-bladed lightsaber. Included is a brief biography of the character as well as some behind the scene notes.

TPM DVD26 February 2002:

TPM DVD Makes Top Ten in Sales:

The Phantom Menace 2-disc DVD made the Top Ten list for 2001 for Top Selling (8th) and Sales Revenues (6th). For the full-list see Box Office Mojo.

14 February 2002:

Jedi Line of Training:

T'Bone once again has a nice scoop on the successive line of training of several of the better known Jedi and how Count Dooku relates to this. Some spoilers. Read the full report: "The Line of Training" on T'Bone's StarWars Cinescape site.

Jango Fett - the next Darth Maul?13 February 2002:

Jango Fett compared to Darth Maul:

Well, we knew this was coming... didn't we? A recent interview with producer Rick McCallum netted the following remarks from Empire Magazine and McCallum himself:

But perhaps the greatest excitement generated by the first AOTC trailers focused on Jango Fett [Temuera Morrison], bounty hunter, father to Boba and a sure thing to be to Ep II what Darth Maul was to Ep I : a breakout star.

"He is the ultimate accessory dude," enthuses McCallum with relish. "Forget all the bulls**t we have today - colour mobile phones - this dude knows how to party. He comes to it with everything. He's my favourite, he's my dream ...

This was previously reported on Empire Online and the whole article, "Forget the Bull### we Have Today" can now be read on Episode-X. The consensus here is still to bring back Darth Maul...

09 February 2002:

Sith Holocrons in Episode II:

Sith Holocron from "Secrets of the Sith"T'Bone gives a great report of the appearance of several Holocrons in AOTC - A Jedi Holocron, A Sith Holocron and one simply named the Great Holocron.

"The Sith one looks a lot like it does in the comics and stuff - right down to the details and aurabesh font on the bottom. If you've seen the book SECRETS OF THE SITH, then you've seen what the Sith Holocron will look like in EPISODE II. Outside of some of the detailing on the sides, that's the exact same design."

T'Bone's report "Holocrons in Episode II" has some spoilers in it and can be read in its entirety at

03 February 2002:

The Lost Twenty - Now a Cut Scene?:

SWMovies has reported "On the Cutting Room Floor: Pt. 1" the rumour that the scene of the "Lost Twenty Jedi" has been cut from the movie. Apparently all mention of the twenty Jedi who have "left" the Order over the years has ended up on the cutting room floor, perhaps only to be mentioned in the novelization. Only May will tell if this is true or not.

Chancellor Palpatine01 February 2002:

The Sith in AOTC (Update):

Episode-X concludes its exclusive report with Part 3 of a critical spoiler filled scene in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. And, unfortunately, Jar-Jar Binks is a part of the political manueverings.... Jar Jar vs. the Sith. Hmmm....

Read the full report: Prepare for the Worst (Part 3) at Episode-X. Warning: Major spoilers.

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