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July 29, 2001:

Darth Maul on TV:

If you are lucky enough to receive BBC2 and happened to watch the latest episode of World of Pub - then you had a real treat! As reported on TFn - Darth Maul made an appearence on the comedy show starring Peter Serafinowicz:

Tonights episode of World of Pub featured a Star Wars joke. The episode was about a football match being shown featuring England versus Scotland. In walked one customer with a flag painted on his face. Then another man walked in with kill every one painted on his face. Then finally a man walked in dressed as Darth Maul. The connection being the landlord of the pub is Peter Serafinowicz, the person who did the voice of Darth Maul in Episode I.

July 23, 2001:

The Voice of Darth Maul:

If you have access to BBC2 you can hear the voice of Darth Maul (aka Peter Serafinowicz) every week on the show “World of Pub.” reports that one of the fansites for the show compares it to “The Simpsons.”

Serafinowicz plays the character of Garry, one of the owners of the pub. Here's the rundown on the character:

Name : Garry
Occupation : Publican
Favourite drink : Beer, wine, computer fluid, alcopops, crisps, nuts
Likes to say : “Fantastic!”, “Bye!”, “I’m not stupid. Oh yeah, I am stupid”
Ambition : To get a second job, maybe working in a bar
Hobbies : Watching TV, staring at girls, staring at girls on TV
Loves : Dogs, ponies, TV
Hates : Beetroot

July 20, 2001:

Interview with JD Wiker, author of the WotC Dark Side Sourcebook:

The Dark Side Sourcebook JD Wiker discusses the intriacies of creating Dark Side characters for Role-Playing Games. Something Lucas has been hesitant in allowing. There had been no sanctioned RPG rules ... until now. With the up coming release of EPII, it seems the “powers that be” are more willing to look into the dark side. Wiker says: “They’re a lot more willing to explore the effect of evil on heroes -- how it changes them and how they ultimately (hopefully) overcome it.”

Chapter one looks promising, even to those who don’t play - “All about the history of the dark side and how it interacts with the Force.” Chapter four includes equipment used by dark siders, including those elusive Sith Holocrons!

An Excerpt:

Wizards: The dark side is supposed to be mysterious. It's intimidating, in part, because of that mystery. How did you balance this aspect with spelling out clear game rules?

JD: The dark side is only mysterious to those too afraid to plumb its sinister depths! Er, that is, the thing about the dark side is that it’s always there, waiting for that moment of weakness when a hero says, “I’m strong; I’ll take my chances.” Some just take a quick look and are frightened away.

To read the whole article - head on over to Wizards of the Coast: Out of the Darkness: An Interview with JD Wiker.

July 20, 2001:

Star Wars Gamer - The Dark Side:
Star Wars Gamer: Issue 5 July 2001
The July 24th issue of Star Wars Gamer (A subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast) will be focusing on the Dark Side. While it is aimed at those who play the SW-RPGs, several of the articles look of broader interest even to those who don't play.

Including The Sith Compendium: A collection of 13 Sith starships, droids, creatures, and devices you won't find anywhere else, not even in the up coming Sourcebook.

And something I think some of us here at DMEB2 can relate to: Yoda Don't Preach - an Editorial by Ben Harper. An excerpt from the web-page:

Picture it -- Christmas, 1977. A little boy, taking the formative steps toward a lifelong obsession with Star Wars, wakes up to find under the tree not only an assorted stack of Kenner treats, but also a hand-sewn Obi-Wan Kenobi robe and a hand-drawn card rendering the bearer an official Jedi Knight. In case you didn't guess, that boy was me. Yes, it's true -- my parents are personally responsible for all that has transpired in my life regarding Star Wars.

I have to confess, though: When they gave me the Jedi robe, they were barking up the wrong tree. Don't get me wrong -- I loved it with all my heart. It's just that, well, Obi-Wan Kenobi died in the movie, and he was old. Not the character a seven-year old would readily identify with. Plus, he wasn't a humongous, black-clad, respirator-breathing villain who choked buffoons for failing to do as they were told. Yes indeedy do, my hero was -- and remains to this day -- Darth Vader. So what if he turned wimp at the end, dumped that fogey down a shaft, and saved the entire galaxy from indentured servitude and never-ending misery? He proved to me that he wasn't taking any poodoo from anybody. A good role model for any child.

Visit Wizards of the Coast to see the whole preview page for Issue 5: Star Wars Gamer (July 24, 2001)

July 18, 2001:The Phantom Menace Poster

Broadcast Premiere of The Phantom Menace: and Fox Networks have announced the date for the US broadcast premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1. The movie will air on Fox Network on 25 November 2001 from 7 to 10 pm ET/PT. Though most movies first appear on premium cable channels or pay-per-view, EP1 will first air on the regular broadcast network.

TPM was first scheduled to air this past April, but Fox changed its mind about it, instead opting for a later showing hoping to bring in more advertising revenue.

You can read more about it at on their Episode One Page.

July 14, 2001:

Excerpts from the Dark Side Sourcebook:

Wizards of the Coast has just released an excerpt from their forthcoming book, “The Dark Side Sourcebook.” Though it only gives information for one of the classes (The Emperor’s Hand) for their RPG - a few of the notes are interesting:

“The Emperor’s Hands operate out of devotion to the Emperor. Though they rightly fear his wrath, they also feel gratitude or even affection for him, for he rewards their service lavishly. They enjoy a freedom shared by precious few in the Empire.”

“Each Emperor’s Hand operates alone, often with the false idea that he or she is the Emperor’s only assassin. They are given a great deal of support and authority, with special clearances designed to allow them access to whatever resources they need. They rarely identify themselves as Hands, however. The Emperor prefers that they exist as rumours -- mythic figures whose powers grow with each whispered story.”

Could this same information be applied to the Sith, their Master/Apprentice system perhaps? Something to think about.

The Dark Side Sourcebook

The Dark Side Sourcebook will be available in August The entire article can be read at: Dark Side Sourcebook Excerpt

Want to know how “dark” you are? Take the Quiz:

What Kind of Dark Sider are You?

July 13, 2001:

Dark Horse Comics Web-Site Update:

Dark Horse Comics recently updated the entire Star Wars area of their website. Now included are a nice time-line and complete chronology of all Star Wars comics published by Dark Horse. Also new are the available desktop screens featuring scenes from their comic series. Darth Maul seems to be one of the more popular ones! Here is one example:

Darth Maul Desktop Screen Example

July 11, 2001:

The Phantom Menace DVD Commercial: has a copy of the soon to be released commercial for The Phantom Menace DVD. They have set up a special page for it here: EP1-DVD, where you can download it. Be warned - the video is long - 3 minutes 10 seconds to be exact (seems a bit long for a commercial, more like a trailer) and it took even longer to download... well over an hour and a half! Was it worth it? Yes and no.

EP1 DVD picture

There are lots of features to explore in this set, no doubt. The documentary and “behind-the-scenes” footage looks the most promising. But, as we suspected, no more Maul. He is not included in any of the cut scenes. Pity. But it looks like there will be lots of footage covering the “Duel of the Fates” and plenty of Ray Park action. That is always good!

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