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25 March 2002:

IFilm Debuts new Star Wars Page: Debuts New Star Wars Page has created a new Star Wars Countdown Page for the opening of Episode II: Attack of the Clones as well as a new single page for showcasing all the fan-films they host on their site.

In addition, they have listed the top five fan-films in several categories such as Best CGI (Beer Wars - Duality - Emergence of the Sith - Knightquest - Recon3) and Best Fight Scene (Art of the Saber - Duality - Emergence of the Sith - Knightquest - A Question of Faith). More information on many of these films can be found on DMEB-2's Video Page.

For the full listing of films available for free viewing on visit their new Star Wars Page.

23 March 2002:

Celebration II Lanyards Sold Out:

According to a report on, a disgrunteled customer complained that Wizards of the Coast has sold out of the special "Star Wars Celebration Lanyards" available only to Star Wars Fan Club members.

"I just purchased my Celebration II Three Day Adult Admission (Shipped) so I could avoid the lines at the Celebration and immediately enjoy the special benefits with my Fan Club Lanyard. Well, to my surprise, when my pass arrived there was no Fan Club Lanyard."

The fan contacted the Fan Club and was told to bring a picture ID and be prepared to wait in line! So... I guess the moral of the story is - shop early or be prepared to wait.

For the entire article, see "Celebration Lanyard Sold Out" on

11 March 2002:

"Mystery" Trailer Available to Everyone:

"Mystery" Trailer from LucasfilmEpisode-X has reported that the "Mystery" Trailer is now available to everyone, not just the TPM-DVD owners. Apparently the change was made with the release of the latest trailer "Clone Wars" on March 10th. It's also now available at a higher resolution. Read the whole article at Episode-X: Mystery Trailer.

Visit the Official Site to view the "Mystery" trailer. (QuickTime 5.0 is required to view.)

10 March 2002:

"Clone War" Trailer Released:

"Clone War" Trailer from Lucasfilm Lucasfilm has released the fourth trailer for the upcoming Episode II: Attack of the Clones movie, due to be released in May 2002. The focus of the "Clone War" trailer is not on the romance of Anakin and Amidala, but rather the beginnings of the Clone War itself.

You can view the "Clone War" trailer at (QuickTime 5.0 is required to view.)

05 March 2002:

Sith Lightening in AOTC:

Anakin dealing with Force Lightening in AOTCT'Bone has done it again! On the "Mystery" Trailer there is a brief scene of Anakin being subjected to Force Lightening - but the source of the lightening was unseen.

Click on over to T'Bone's Star Wars Cinescape site to read the whole report on Sith Lightening. (Beware: Spoilers).

05 March 2002:

Star Wars Music in Concert:

Celebration II Music Concert On the evening of Saturday May4th, 2002 - the music from the entire Star Wars Saga will be performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis in the Sagamore Ballroom of the Indiana Convention Center during the Star Wars Celebration II Convention. The Circle City Chorus will compliment the orchestra.

The tickets will be $12 each and can be purchased by Celebration attendees at special booths set up at the convention starting May 3rd.

For more information on the concert visit these pages at

Powerful Voices at Celebration

Star Wars Celebration Concert

04 March 2002:

Celebrity Autographs: has posted some information on which Star Wars Celebrities will be attending Celebration II in May 2002 and how to obtain their autographs.

Apparently a coupon system will be used - one coupon equals one autograph.

That signature could be on one of the exclusive free photos provided for the autographs by C2 Ventures, the company coordinating the celebrities, or on another appropriate piece of memorabilia. One coupon equals one autograph. Collect one inscription from each star, or use several coupons to have your favorite star sign several treasures.

In addition to meeting your favorite Star Wars personalities, you can also look forward to seeing them on stage. Guests will appear on one of the three celebrity stages at Celebration II for interviews, and to field questions from you in the audience, moderated by one of our professional MCs.

An official listing of which celebrites will appear at Celebration II should be available soon from and the WotC Celebration II website.

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