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30 May 2002:

AOTC Myth and Mysticsm:

Author Paul F. McDonald writes an interesting article - "When All the Galaxy was Young" for about the myth and mysticism in the latest release of the Star Wars saga. He makes the argument that Star Wars should be reviewed as a myth:

When interpreted literally, myth is always going to look somewhat shallow, trite, and even nonsensical. Star Wars is no exception. Yet so many critics interpret it that way, as if it were prose. When read in the language of poetry, however, the symbolism in the saga becomes quite dense and rich, and there is something new to be found with every viewing.

Visit When All the Galaxy was Young on for the whole article.

24 May 2002:

Are You Addicted to Star Wars?:

A simple question really. reported that the May 23rd edition of SFGate posted a simple quiz for its readers to determine if they were seriously addicted to Star Wars or not. Pretty basic stuff until you reach question 11:

11a. Do you know the proper name of that crazy-looking bad guy from "Episode I: The Phantom Menace" with the red and black painted face and the little horns on his head. (5 points)

11b. Have you ever tried to write him fan mail? (300 points)

To take the whole quiz, all 13 questions - visit STARSTRUCK: How serious is your 'Star Wars' addiction? Take our quiz and find out at .

24 May 2002:

The Phantom Menace PosterAOTC Behind TPM in Box Office Returns: is reporting that the first week of box office returns for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is behind the returns of The Phantom Menace for the first week of its release - 6.54 million for AOTC compared to 7.75 million for TPM.

Visit AOTC's Wednesday Box Office Talley on TFN for the full report.

23 May 2002:

Hidden Goodies in AOTC:

Most of the major Star Wars sites (, Episode-X,, etc.) are now listing all the hidden extras found in the new movie, Attack of the Clones - similar to the "extras" found in The Phantom Menace. Episode-X, on its Hidden Goodies Page has listed one that may interest DMEB-2 visitors - though we're not sure if it's true or not... only time and multiple viewings will tell!

See if you can spot Ray Park, who can apparently be seen, 'unmasked', in the Jedi Arena battle near the end of the film.

Though Ray Park has denied any involvement in Episode II... it is an interesting notion that he might appear in the movie.

21 May 2002:

TFN Interview with Ray ParkTFN Interview with Ray Park:

Joshua Griffin of had the opportunity to interview Ray Park (Darth Maul) recently, and asked him about his role as Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

TFN: What did you think of the reaction to Darth Maul in Episode I?

Park: The reaction was mind blowing and very over whelming.

TFN: Were you flattered by the desire of many for Maul to return in the prequels again?

Park: Yes I was very flattered.

For more of the interview visit and read the Interview with Ray Park.

16 May 2002:

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Opens to Theatres!

Star Wars Episode II PosterFinally, the wait is over! Episode II: Attack of the Clones has arrived in US theatres!

Some of the reviews are good... some are bad. Just like with Phantom Menace. Unfortunately, this time, Darth Maul is not in the movie though... :-( Although, the Sith are prominent throughout. Too bad "Uncle George" didn't listen to us about keeping Maulie around ... would have made for a better story and a better movie.

However, there is always fanfic to soothe the Sithly soul.

Members of the DMEB-2 at our Special Dinner03 - 05 May 2002:

Celebration II:

Many members of the DMEB-2 attended Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis from May 3rd through May 5th. For pictures and more information about the DMEB2 and our Official Darth Maul, please see our Feature Article on Celebration II.

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