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This site is the fans celebration of the Star Wars character, Darth Maul. No money is being made from this site in any way. There is no profit, this is just for the fun and the enjoyment of the creators and those who visit.  We hope George Lucas will be pleased that his ideas and creations give so much pleasure, and unleash so much creativity.

Some of the stories archived on this site are adult in nature. Please read our warnings before you read the stories. By clicking on the stories, you agree that you are of legal age to read them.


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The Sith Council believes in being responsible Web Masters, so this site is rated with  Individual pages will be rated where necessary. Warnings will be given for any material which may require it because of content.

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Maul Attacks!There is no association with Lucasfilm, there is fan creation.

There is no intended copyright infringement, there is Lucasfilm's intellectual property without question.

There is no profit made, there is only fun.

There are no lawsuits, there is only the ‘Horned One.’

Homage to Him.


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